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Your Irrigation Experts

A large white and blue satellite dish on the back of a trailer.
A large hose on the back of a trailer.
A large orange machine sitting in the grass.

Amadas Industries

  • Agriculture
  • Farm
  • Waste Disposal
A green tractor with a large engine and trailer.

Rainbow Irrigation & Industrial Pumps

  • Agriculture
  • Waste Water
  • Farm
  • Continuous Prime
  • Mining, Environmental
A field with grass and some water towers

T-L Center Pivots

  • Hydrostatic Drive
  • Continuous Move
  • Lower Pressure Application
  • Electric Motor or Engine Driven Hydraulic Pump
A close up of an orange pump with a metal part

Berkeley Pumps

  • Engine
  • Engine Mount
A collage of different pictures with water pumps and irrigation.

Cornell Pumps

  • Agriculture
A green tractor with a blue and white engine.

Kifco/Caprari PTO Pumps

  • Irrigation
  • Waste Water
A blue trailer with a large black box on the side.

Rental Irrigation

  • Traveling Systems
  • Portable Aluminum Systems
  • Pond Drainage
A sign that says mid atlantic irrigation
A bunch of pipes are laying out on the ground

Used Irrigation

  • Travelers
  • Aluminum Pipe

More Than just Irrigation--- We offer Fabrication & Welding Services

A person wearing a glove and holding something
A person is using an angle grinder to cut metal.
A man welding metal parts in an industrial setting.